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Chemical raw materials zinc Oxide
  • Chemical raw materials zinc Oxide

Chemical raw materials zinc Oxide

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Zinc the oxide represents amorphous powder of white color - insoluble in water, soluble in mineral acids, acetic acid, in solutions of alkalis, ammonia and carbonic ammonium.

Name synonyms: zinc oxide, zinc oxide pure, white zinc

Product name: zinc oxide

CAS: 1314-13-2


- In production of feed additives (premixes).

- In chemical industry: the activator of curing of some rubbers - the methanol synthesis catalyst - a white pigment by production of paints and enamels - a filler and a pigment in production of rubber, plastic, papers - in production of glass and paints on the basis of liquid glass - as one of rust solvent components.

- In perfumery and cosmetics.

- In electronics oxide of zinc is applied to production of varistors which can be used for production of modern limiters of retension (OPN) instead of outdated valve rated sportsmen. Besides, zinc oxide powder — perspective material as a working environment for powder lasers. On the basis of oxide of zinc the light-emitting diode of blue color is created. Thin films and other nanostructures on the basis of oxide of zinc can be applied as sensitive gas and biological sensors.

- In medicine it is used as a component of the medicines applied in dermatology. Possesses the anti-inflammatory, drying, adsorbing, knitting and antiseptic action. Is one of components of a number of complex dermatological and cosmetic medicines.

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