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Ethylene glycol (MEG)
  • Ethylene glycol (MEG)

Ethylene glycol (MEG)

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Country of manufacture:Belgium

Ethylene glycol (mono ethylene glycol) represents combustible transparent colourless liquid of an oily consistence, flavourless, sweetish on taste. It is well dissolved in water, alcohols, ketones, it is moderate - in benzene, toluene, ethyl oxide. In ethylene glycol rastititelny and animal oils are badly dissolved and mineral oils, paraffin, rubber, acetyl - and ethylcellulose, polyvinylchloride are not dissolved. At dissolution of ethylene glycol in water warmth is distinguished and there is a reduction of volume. It is a product of hydration of an oxide of ethylene, the simplest representative of polyatomic alcohols (polyols), has all properties of glycols. It is toxic. Korozionno is active, has very high hygroscopicity and strongly absorbs water from air and other gases.

Name synonyms: 1,2-etandiol, 1,2 dioxyethane, glycol, ethylene glycol

Product name: ethylene glycol

CAS: 107-21-1


Ethylene glycol is applied in the chemical, textile, automobile, aviation, electrotechnical industries. He has unique potential not to freeze at the lowered temperatures. Extremely important property of ethylene glycol is its ability to lower temperature of freezing of water solutions. Thanks to it, substance found broad application in production of the low-freezing and cooling liquids (automobile antifreezes, antifreezes, brake fluids).

Besides, 41-45% of world production of ethylene glycol are used for receiving synthetic polyester fibers and films: cellophane, polyurethane and some other polymers.
Also monoethylene glycol is applied by production of hydraulic and hardening liquids, alkyd resins, solvents, condensers, shoe creams, explosive of nitroglycol and to other purposes.

Packing: metal barrel, cube, filling.


Country producer Belgium
Country of manufacture:Belgium
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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