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Polibutelentereftalat (PBT)
  • Polibutelentereftalat (PBT)

Polibutelentereftalat (PBT)

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Polibutelentereftalat (PBT) - the crystallizing constructional material. Temperature of melting of unfilled brands: 223-227 °C. Vitrification temperature: 55-60 °C. It is characterized by high rigidity, durability, resistance to shock loadings, wear resistance. Has high resistance to solvents, automobile fuel, lubricants, brake fluids (it is significantly more, than at PC), household cleaners. It is steady against formation of cracks. Differs in low resistance to hot water, alkalis. Has good dielectric properties, arc resistance. Has small water absorption. Stability of the sizes is higher, than at polyamides. Has high coefficient of linear thermal expansion. Gives excellent quality of a surface of a product (luster). It is well metallized. Can become covered by an automobile varnish. Special brands can be exposed to laser marking. Perfectly cooks by all methods.

Examples of application: handles of gas stoves of wind cases - blocks of electric meters - connectors, switches - details of irons, hair dryers - optical cables - automotive industry: reflectors of automobile headlights, cases of a rear-view mirror, case of the fuel filter, external handles of doors.

Packing: bag.

Information is up-to-date: 12.02.2018

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