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Polycarbonate (PC)
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Polycarbonate (PC)

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Polycarbonate - synthetic thermoplastic polymer, one of types of difficult polyair of coal acid and dihydroxyconnections. A polymerization product polydiphenol - And - a carbonate. Solid transparent amorphous substance. Is issued in the form of transparent granules.

Polycarbonate - the thermoplastic constructional polymeric material having high rigidity and durability in combination with very high resistance to shock influences including at the increased and lowered temperature. Differs in good optical properties, high heat resistance, insignificant water absorption, high electric resistance and electric durability, insignificant dielectric losses in the wide range of frequencies. Polycarbonate is dissolved in dichloromethane, a dichloroethane. It is steady against effect of water solutions of mineral and organic acids, gasoline, alcohols, oils, but is not resistant to alkalis, the concentrated acids, organic solvents, to effect of chlorine-containing hydrocarbons of a fat and aromatic series, dioxane, metacresol and tetrahydrofuran.


Polycarbonate is applied in automotive industry, the electronic and electrotechnical industry, in household and medical equipment, priboro-and aircraft construction, industrial and civil engineering.

Precision details are made of polycarbonate: gear wheels, plugs, cams. Case details household and office equipments: electric devices, electric tools, washing machines, computers, phones, photo and movie cameras. Dashboards. Lighting fixtures. Indicating panels. Switches. Lenses of headlights of cars and street lamps. Goggles. Optical lenses. Helmets. Helmets. Bullet-proof glasses. CD and DVD disks. Kitchen utensils. Disposable tableware for hot foodstuff.

In medical equipment from polycarbonate form Petri's cups, filters for blood, various surgical instruments, eye lenses.

Sheets from polycarbonate apply to a glazing of buildings and sports a construction, greenhouses, to production of high-strength laminated glasses - triplexes.

The film from polycarbonate is used for packing of food at the increased temperatures.

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Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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