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Polyvinyl alcohol
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Polyvinyl alcohol

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Brand:Anhui Liwei
Country of manufacture:China

Name synonyms: PVS, VOH, polyviols, vinol, alvit, alkoteks.

Chemical formula: (C2H4O) x

Polyvinyl alcohol — artificial, water-soluble, thermoplastic polymer. Synthesis of PVS is carried out by reaction alkaline/-кислотного hydrolysis or alcoholysis of difficult polyvinyl air.


Polyvinyl alcohol found application in various branches and spheres in quality:

- A paper covering for liners -

- A water-soluble film for packing of laundry detergent in the dissolved tablets -

- A barrier layer for carbon dioxide in polietilentereftalatovy bottles -

- Lubricants in eye drops and firm contact lenses - Fibres for fittings in concrete -

- Surfactant for formation of polymer of the encapsulated nanoparticles -

- A clamp for collecting samples - the Agent of an embolization in medical procedures -

- A thickener and adhesive material for production of shampoos and latex -

- Emulsifier in the food industry -

- The Emboliziruyushchy agent at not surgical treatment of oncological diseases.

Packing: bag of 25 kg

The main
The producer - Anhui Liwei
Country producer China
Brand:Anhui Liwei
Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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