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  • POM polyacetal (copolymer of a polieksimetilen)
POM polyacetal (copolymer of a polieksimetilen)
  • POM polyacetal (copolymer of a polieksimetilen)

POM polyacetal (copolymer of a polieksimetilen)

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The polyoxymethylene (POM) which is usually called to acetals is the crystal polymer received as a result of formaldehyde polymerization. He experienced rapid growth of popularity and wide recognition thanks to its excellent mechanical characteristics, resistance to influence of moisture and simplicity of processing.

Properties: high fatigue durability, good stability of the sizes, low coefficient of friction, durability on compression, crash-worthiness, even at low temperatures, an excellent workability, quality especially important when processing on automatic transfer lines. Color natural and black.

POM in cores and plates has durability on compression and shock durability even at low temperatures.

Polyacetal has good stability of the sizes and low coefficient of friction. It is steady against organic solvents, alkalis and the cleaning reagents. It is excellently processed mechanically - it property is especially important when processing on automatic transfer lines. Water absorption at atsetalya very low.

Name synonyms: POM, acetal, polyoxymethylene, POM


Use in mechanics: It is one of the most used constructional plastics for application in mechanics, such as, bearings, clowns, tooth gearings with the low rotating moment, the cogwheels, conveyor rollers and details with exact processing demanding good parameters of a formoustoychivost and density.

Use in contact with foodstuff: being physiologically inert, this material is suitable for use providing engagement with foodstuff. It can be used in water at a temperature of 80? Page.

Use in electrical equipment: as this material is not hygroscopic, it is usually used for such electric details as insulators.

Use in chemistry: this material resistant to influence of alkaline and organic compounds. Thanks to the good chemical properties it is suitable for production of details of pumps from it, flanges and accessories for the chemical equipment.

Polyacetal in the form of cores and plates is widely used by production of the industrial equipment, agricultural and construction equipment, thanks to unique balance of physicomechanical properties: mechanical durability, antifriktsionnost and wear resistance, resistance to corrosion, chemical and climatic firmness. The most typical products from poliatsetalya — shnekovy drives, rollers, holders, axle boxes, bearings, details of conveyor chains.

Fine resistance to chemical products and hydrolysis allows to use polyacetal in various containers, pipes and a fitting, the cable industry, etc.

Packing: bag.

Information is up-to-date: 12.02.2018

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