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  • Winter washer-80 (concentrate)
Winter washer-80 (concentrate)
  • Winter washer-80 (concentrate)

Winter washer-80 (concentrate)

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Wholesale: 21.60 UAH from 1000 l

Concentrate of a winter washer of glass-80 C.

Environmentally friendly concentrate of a winter washer from the producer.

Does not contain methanol, an isopropyl, acetone, ammonia. As necessary we will provide samples and a hromatogramma.

The washer is a liquid for a glass washer which is used in winter time. The distilled water is used for a doliv and dilution of concentrates and washers of glass.

Using liquid for a glass washer, the screen wiper much more effectively and quicker achieves the necessary result than with usual water. You watch closely liquid level in a tank and do not assume that screen wipers worked at a dry windshield differently it can be scratched.

Colors and smells in assortment (on a wish).

The minimum packing - the vat capacity (800 kg).

Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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